Topic Name Description
URL AQA English Literature B - Lots of info & past papers
Topic 1 File The Gothic Powerpoint

Courtesy of MacEwan and Co.

URL Glossary of Gothic terminology
URL Literary Gothic website
Topic 2 File Key Gothic Quotations
File Historical Context
File Literary Criticism
File The Real Macbeth
File Context of reception and production by Jamie & Arun
File Bonus Macbeth Exam Questions
URL Shakespeare Navigator - Blood
File Gothic Act 5 in a nut shell
File Dagger Scene by L Chilton
Topic 3 File Key Gothic Quotations
File John Milton Biography
File Context for Rebellion
URL Yale Lecture on Milton
URL Cambridge University website on Paradise Lost & Milton
File Context for Paradise Lost by Jamie & Arun
URL Paradise Lost Study Guide
URL Summaries of Books 1 & 2
URL He-Man's invocation
URL The Text
File Mr Jones's Context PPT
URL Book One - Yale Lecture
File Paradise Lost Book 2 The Debate
Topic 4 URL Reader's Guide / Notes
File Context of production and reception by Jamie MacEwan
File Key Gothic Quotations for Wuthering Heights
Topic 5 URL The text
URL Thomas Middleton . org
URL The Changeling critical essays
URL Scene summaries
File The Changeling Key Quotations
URL Nottingham Playhouse Context pack
Topic 6 URL Wellington College Gothic Revision page
URL Jake does revision blog

excellent selection of essays

Topic 7 File The Changeling exam questions 1
File More exam questions
File Mind map these!
File Religion essay J Macewan
File Gothic victims essay J Macewan
File Essay on Gothic Women by Mubarak
File Selection of other Gothic Texts

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Topic 8 File Frankenstein Quotations
URL The Text
URL Mark Steel Lecture
URL Shelley Links
URL Excellent online guide to the novel
URL Prometheus myth cartoon
URL Franken-criticism Victorian Web
URL The Guardian review of 1818 edition