Nazi Germany and Persecution of the Jews

Use your text book, the videos linked above and the associated handout to complete the following tasks

1. Create a detailed timeline from 1933-39 outlining the events / laws / oppression that was carried out to persecute the Jewish population in Nazi Germany. Each event should be described in detail.

2. Why did Hitler and the Nazi leadership feel this way about the Jewish population?

3. Who were the SS and the Gestapo and what were their roles in persecuting Jews and other minorities?

4. Why is Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) seen as such an important event?

5. How did the persecution of the Jews help Hitler's plans for the economy and education?

6. What were the Nuremberg Laws and how did they affect the Jewish population?

7. How did Jews try to avoid the worst excesses of persecution?

8. Which other minority groups were subject to persecution in Nazi Germany? Were they treated differently to the Jewish community or much the same? Give specific examples

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