The Seven Years' War Projects

You will be divided into 3 groups to look at the context of the Seven Years' War on the start of the American Independence movement

Each group must produce a presentation on their section of the conflict. This will include some visual stimulus (powerpoint, video etc), a double sided A4 handout of information and a short role play that brings to life a key event or concept. 

Group 1 - The Causes of the 7 Years' War

Your project must focus on the build up of tensions before 1756, looking at the relationships between Britain, France and Spain, previous conflicts that had an impact, the motives for each country going to war and what they hoped to achieve. Was the war fought anywhere else but the Americas, for example?

Group 2 - The Events of the 7 Years' War

You will look at the fighting of the war itself, including famous battles, which side was winning at  particular points in time, the nature of the fighting and where it took place, who was on each side, the problems faced by fighting a lot way from home and the eventual reasons for the victors' success.

Group 3 - The Consequences of the 7 Years' War

What was the impact on each of the combatant countries, and on their colonial land? How did the conflict impact the colonies in terms of attitude towards colonialism, their own self confidence, economic standing and military strength? What was the biggest consequence of the conflict?

You will have two IT room lessons to complete this task, after which you will present your work to the other students in the class.

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