Writing and Ratifying the US Constitution

Using the info from your play, lecture 23 of the Yale series, your knowledge of the Articles of Confederation and pages 139-161 complete the following

1/ What stimulated the desire to meet in Philadelphia for the Constitutional Convention in May 1787?

2/ Explain the different views on the best way forward brought to the convention and how the 'Great Compromise' worked in terms of bringing about agreement.

3/ Who were the main characters responsible for driving the process forward?

4/ List the main features of the US Constitution and how it structured the increased role of central / federal government. What were its main strengths and weaknesses (especially in relation to the Articles of Confederation it replaced)?

5/ Explain the views of the Federalists and the Anti Federalists and how they forwarded their ideas

6/ Explain the process of ratification - what was needed, how was it achieved and key events / moments along the way.

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