Yalta and Potsdam - A Comparison

Use pages 80-82 in your text books

1. What terms were agreed at the Yalta conference in February 1945?

2. What was the major disagreement between the 3 powers?

3. Draw the 3 leader triangle diagram on page 81 into your books and use sources 3-10 to summarise how they felt about each other on the line that connects them

4. Which 3 sources (3-10) are most useful in telling you about relations between the big three at Yalta? Explain why

5. What had changed by the Potsdam conference of July / August 1945?

6. What terms did the Allies most argue about?

7. In a couple of paragraphs, summarise why relations between Russia, Britain and the USA had begun to deteriorate so much bu August 1945 

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