Power - Monarch or Parliament

You will be using some resources that can be found in the P Drive / History / Year 8 Monarchy and Parliament

Open up the files called King Cards and Clue Sheet

Your task is to look at the reigns of 6 monarchs after the execution of Charles I and decide whether they had more power than Parliament. You have to take each King one at a time and work though the clue sheet, adding the score up as you go. At the end of the clues for that King they will have compiled a score, which you should tally up.

For each King, plot their score onto a graph - I have given you a hard copy graph but those of you more technically minded can create this graph online using word or excel.

When you have completed the graph you are looking to answer the following questions

1/ Which King had the most power and which King had the least power?

2/ For each King, what was the clue that had the biggest impact on the power?

3/ Where did the balance of power between the King and Parliament change the most (date / King / event)?

4/ Which clue most reflects the balance of power between Monarch and Parliament we have today?

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