League of Nations - Judgement on the 1920's and plans for 1930's

You will be looking back at the first decade of the League's existence and making some judgement about how effective it was, its successes and failures and what it should do in the 1930's to improve. Use pages 23-37 in your text book and all the work done on this unit so far. You have two IT lessons, and homework if needed, to complete this.

1. Use these four headings

Discourage Agression

Encourage Co-operation

Encourage Disarmament

Improve Living Conditions

Rank them in order of which aim you think the League achieved best, through to the worst. Under each heading use evidence to write a paragraph supporting your view and explaining your rank.

2. In red text make a suggestion for each aim that the League should implement to improve for the 1930's.

3. Look at the the three judgement statements at the bottom of page 37 in your text books (under Stage 3: Reach a Judgement)

Select the one you most strongly agree with and write a summary explaining your decision, again using evidence and examples to support your judgement.

4. Write a couple of paragraphs under the heading 'What should the League do in the 1930's to be even better?'. Again, explain the priorities you select. Perhaps reflect back on 1920's examples to show why your improvements need to be made.

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