The American Constitution 1787 - A Play

Your group has been given the task of producing a three act play on the Constitution of the United States. Your job is to bring to life these events in the build up, creation and ratification of this document. As well as being responsible for your group you will also have to liaise a little with the other groups so that each act flows into the next, leading to a coherent play of around 20-30 minutes. You should be able to portray important characters as well as the factual struggle over the document and its implications for the United States post 1787.

Act 1 - Beginnings

- The crises in the fledgling United States

- The Articles of Confederation and their weaknesses

- The need for a national government and constitution

Act 2 - The Constitution

- The ideology of the Constitution and the process of writing it

- What was the Constitution - how did it differ from the Articles?

- The Philadelphia Convention - key men and key outcomes

Act 3 - Ratification

- Reaction to the Constitution - how was it received?

- Federalist v Anti Federalist

- How did the Constitution become ratified? Conclusions

You will have three lessons to create, rehearse and prepare your play, including homework. It should be detailed and factually accurate - as well as some dramatic flair to bring your ideas to life. I have booked some IT rooms and some drama space for you which I will let you know each lesson.

Performance Date

Thursday 2nd March Period 2 in the Hall

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