Collapse of Communism in the Satellite States

In the 1980's the Soviet control of the Eastern European states gradually eroded away - especially after 1985, when Gorbachev came to power. Using the handout as your base information, also use the internet to build a picture of your designated country as Communism collapsed and was replaced by something else.

The five countries in question areĀ 


East Germany (GDR)




For each you should consider the nature of the rule before collapse (including the names of leaders); what factors in the country led to the erosion of communist / Soviet control; any important people that drove reform; the events of 1988/89 and how communist rule came to an end; what replaced the Soviet backed governments from 1989 onwards; what type of revolutions were they - peaceful, violent etc

You should write this directly into your text books - you will be teaching other groups next lesson about your country.

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